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2010 Club Championships

Final rounds (Matchplay)
A Grade: C Rumble (4) bt C Stockley (1) 18th
T Cox (2) bt C Thomson (3) 2/1
B Grade: R Higgins (1) bt R Yates (4) 18th
N Davis (2) bt B Cox (3) 6/5
C Grade: N Adams (1) v P Kellow (5) 3/2
J Townend (2) bt J Robertson (3) 2/1

A Grade: T Cox bt C Rumble 5/4
A Grade Champion: Troy Cox
B Grade: N Davis bt R Higgins 3/2
B Grade Champion: Nick Davis
C Grade: J Townend bt N Adams 3/1
C Grade Champion: Jeremy Townend

A Grade Nett Winner: Cec Thomson 134
Runner up: Col Stockley 140
B Grade Nett Winner: Bruce Cox 140
Runner up: Nick Davis 141
C Grade Nett Winner: Jeff Hogg 145
Runner up: Jeremy Townend 146
Seniors Scratch Winner: Cec Thomson 154
Runner up: Steve Sheridan 164
Seniors Nett Winner: Cec Thomson 134
Runner up: Bruce Cox 140
Junior Scratch Winner: Blake Wood 253
Nett Winner: Blake Wood 199