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11.12.15 New Course Boundaries

Dear Members

The R & A Rules of Golf, Rule 33 – 2, states: 

“The Committee MUST define accurately:

(i)                The course and out of bounds
The margins of water hazards and lateral water hazards
Ground under repair, and
Obstructions and integral parts of the course.”

Accordingly a sub-committee recently inspected the entire course and have determined the boundaries of the Golf Course and the margins of the hazards.

NOTE: The rules of golf prevent the playing of a Provisional ball when a ball enters a water hazard or lateral hazard.

Therefore it will speed up play to play a provisional ball if your ball ends up Out-Of-Bounds (OOB), or is headed towards OOB.

The revised boundaries and hazards are -

1st Hole          The OOB down the LHS will be extended to the curb beside the road which will be marked at intervals with black and white markings.Th e boundary will go all the way up to the hut and behind the 1st green.

3rd Hole         GUR on the RHS becomes a Lateral Hazard and the total area to be diminished to run closer to unplayable areas. The large Tea tree on the RHS is included in the Hazard.

4th Hole         LHS of blue plates garden will be clearly marked with blue stakes and overhanging tree trimmed.

5th Hole         Remove blue stakes from “apple” trees in front of the tee box. RHS OOB pegs down to back of 6th tee.

6th Hole         RHS OOB. Remove GUR from the back of the green. Hedge on LHS of green clearly staked. Drop zone clearly defined and mandatory.

7th Hole         RHS OOB from the tee box up to the 8th tee box.

8th Hole         RHS up to the first pine tree is OOB, all the way behind the 9th green, past the hut to LHS of 10th tee box.

10th Hole       RHS is OOB past the homes, along the boundary fence, around the back of the green, past the back of the second tee up to the Greens compound.

11TH Hole      LHS OOB up to hut and across to the fence surrounding the water hazard.

13th Hole       The entire stand of trees on the LHS of the 13th, LHS of the 16th and the back of the 17th tee box will be marked as a Lateral Hazard.

12th Hole       LHS is OOB and follows a line past the back of the green and the 18th tee box, along the back of the dam and the bush side of the 16th hole, (set back slightly into the bush area) around the back of the 16th tee box, RHS of the 15th Hole, RHS of the 14th hole, RHS of the 13th hole as marked, LHS of the 18th hole up to the corner of- and around the Club House, to the curb in the director’s parking area.

NOTE:, whenever a ball is hit into an area (other than OOB or a Hazard), where it may potentially be lost, such as bush, trees and rough anywhere on the course including the agapanthus LHS of 13th hole, then, in the interest of speeding up play, hit a provisional ball.