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Course Slope Rating
GA Men; Blue Plates (This is the one you play on Medal days) 124
GA Men; White Plates (Normal Saturday/ Wednesday Competition) 122
GA Men; Black (Par 3 Course) 94
GA Women; Red Plates 114

Depending upon what course you play on the day will determine what Slope rating you use to determine your 'Daily Playing Handicap'.

You will have noticed that your daily playing handicap and your GA handicap are not the same.

Your daily playing handicap is calculated following this formula:

GA Handicap  x  Slope Rating  /  113

For example, If your GA Handicap is 16.2 and you are playing in the Medal round - with a slope rating of 124, you would calculate your daily playing handicap as follows:

16.2   x   124  /  113   =   17.7


Your GA handicap is calculated the same except now the slope rating is also drawn in to the equation in identifying the 'played to' value attcahed to a players' round.

For more information on how to calculate your GA handicap click on the icon below.


Golf Australia




LGC has received its new Course Rating from Golf NSW - Jan 2013

We have been rated for 4 courses:

  • Mens Blue (Blue Plates) at 68.8
  • Mens White (White Plates) at 67.6
  • Mens Black (Par 3 course) at 56.7
  • Womens Red (Red Plates) at 70.2

Our current Par (69) is not affected.

Our Current ACR (68) on which our Handicaps are adjusted each time we enter a competition score, will be replaced by the new ACR (AMCR and AWCR) depending on which course we play.

In effect, there will be little change. All Wednesday Comps, and most Saturday Comps, are played off blue markers usually forward of the Blue Plates, and are thus deemed the White Course – AMCR 68.

Medal rounds are played off Blue Plates, and will be the Blue Course – AMCR 69.

The Ladies new AWCR will apply when they play off the Red Plates.