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Friday Twilight Golf Rules (During Daylight Saving only)

  • Hit-off from about 2 pm depending on available daylight.
  • Stableford – eleven holes –cost $5.00
  • Preferred lies ‘through the green’ (excluding hazards and bunkers).
  • One ‘mulligan’ is permitted for each round (mark applicable hole), providing it does not contravene the rules of golf.
  • If the women's tee is behind the men’s tee, women may use the men’s tee.
  • A countback system will be used for all competitions – the countback will be on the basis of :
    • Best last six holes
    • If still no winner – best last three holes
    • If still no winner – last hole
    • Should there still be no winner – flip a coin!


  • Winner will receive three balls
  • Second place will receive two balls
  • Third place will receive 1 ball
  • Should there be sufficient players there will be a lucky draw (excluding the winner, second and third place getters and players not present at the presentation)

Handicap Adjustments

  • For the first evening each handicap will be based on the conversion from the normal eighteen hole handicap.
  • The winner from each Friday game will reduce their handicap by four shots.
  • Second place from each Friday game will reduce their handicap by three shots
  • Third place from each Friday game will reduce their handicap by two shots.
  • Every other player will increase their handicap by one shot.

On Going Competition for entire Twilight Period

  • Winner on each Friday will receive Four points
  • Second Place Three points
  • Third Place Two points
  • Every participant One points

Substantial prizes are on offer at the conclusion of Twilight Golf for the top point scorers.
If necessary, a putting play-off will resolve any ties in the final point scores.

If the weather seems unsuitable a decision will be made by 1 pm. Please phone the Pro Shop - 4785 0034